What is VApedia?

VApedia is a highly collaborative and reliable study-abroad resource which assists Vietnamese students in obtaining a comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased view on studying abroad in the United States. We provide encyclopedic information on the application process, financial aid, and student life of different high schools and undergraduate institutions, along with detailed advice on what to prepare before studying abroad.

With such diverse range of information, we hope to meet the demand on study-abroad information of not only Vietnamese students but teachers and parents as well.


Founded in 2007, VApedia is now led by a team of 7 people, including 2 Managers from VietAbroader Executive Team, 4 Assistant Managers, and 1 designer. Members of the team are:

  • Phan Thi To Hang (University of Cincinnati): Co-Manager
  • Nguyen Phuong Anh  (Wesleyan College): Co-Manager
  • Nguyen Le Thuy Linh (Luther College): Assistant Manager
  • Nghiem Phuong Hong Ngoc (Bentley University): Assistant Manager
  • Ung Ngoc Phuong Vy (Minerva School at KGI): Assistant Manager
  • Nguyen Ngoc Thuy (Soka University of America): Assistant Manager
  • Duong Nguyen Dan Phuong (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University): Designer


All information on VApedia comes from highly reliable sources and has been meticulously researched, analyzed, and synthesized by the VApedia team.

VApedia also provides information and advice that come directly from the Vietnamese students who have successfully applied and studied in the U.S. You can find both basic and advanced information about studying abroad, catering users’ different needs.

School Insiders and Reflections are VApedia’s signature projects. Striving to aid students in their school  selection process, School Insiders articles present U.S. schools’ information provided by currently attending students, allowing users to acquire deeper understanding of their interested schools. Reflections feature profile, personal experience, and advice from students who have succeeded in U.S. school application; users can also learn from their mistakes, and more importantly, can get inspiration during their application process.

Users are welcome to contribute or edit articles.



For questions and more information, please contact us via [email protected]