VietAbroader Forum

VietAbroader Forum has been essence of VietAbroader since the birth of the organization in March 2004.

Since inaugurated, VietAbroader Forum has served as a source of U.S. college admission information, and as a venue for contacts and networking among Vietnamese students, both in Vietnam and abroad. It offers a gateway to the work of VietAbroader Organization all year round, and a convenient contact point to its Executive Team.

With contributionsfrom many generations of students, VietAbroader Forum is an unparalleled wealth of information about American Higher Education, from application process, standardized testing, and English learning, to visa application, college life in the U.S., and other educational opportunities in general. Different sections of the Forum have been designed to cater to this need. Our forum always welcomes seniors who come back to pass the torch on and juniors who arrive for the guidance and support regardless of the application season. Members of VietAbroader Forum, therefore enjoy a broad network of some of the Vietnamese brightest young minds, altogether in a circle of friends for all their years abroad and even beyond.

The most distinguishing feature of VietAbroader Forum is our emphasis on interactivity. All discussions on our forum are encouraged to be multidirectional in nature. Juniors, besides presenting their questions and receiving answers from seniors, also usually offer their constructive viewpoints in discussions. More importantly, the Forum facilitates not only vertical transfer of knowledge, but also horizontal discussions. Juniors have space to discuss among themselves, complement each other’s understanding, as well as share their success and failures as lessons for others and for future generations.

Also, in VietAbroader, it is past applicants, now successful undergraduates and graduates, who offer unbiased, personalized and self-experienced knowledge, not otherwise a third party. In VietAbroader, future success abounds from the past.

As of October 2012, VietAbroader Forum has 44,500 registered members and contains more than 6700 unique threads and 150,500 contributing posts. This is an impressive growth of 192% in number of members as compared to April 2010.

VietAbroader Forum is currently managed by the Study-Abroad Resources team, which is a part of VietAbroader Executive team 2014-2015. We are committed to providing you with a supportive, safe, and “need-based” environment for discussion, as well as ever-updating and engaging activities and projects for you to be involved. 

Besides routine maintenance of the discussion board, current projects managed by the Forum team include:

  • Essay Mentorship project in which certified seniors are invited to evaluate applicant’s essays
  • Webinar project dubbed “American College – Secrets Revealed” where applicants can interact with seniors in live time and get to know them personally, and more projects coming up in future.

In the end, it is our sincere hope in a long run to bring seniors to our forum because of their ample experience and passion, and bring our forum to juniors in view of VietAbroader’s motto: Empower Vietnamese Youth.

Contact us:

Please express your concerns in the “Comment, Suggestion & Request for VA Forum box or email us via [email protected] .