Grantee’s Responsibilities

Grantee's Responsibilities

commgrant2013 Please read this part carefully before deciding to apply for VACG 2014

Before the grant is disbursed, the project member(s) and the project coordinator will work together to complete an ex-ante evaluation which will be used in the final evaluation process. 

After every two weeks, the project member(s) will have to send a report detailing the up-to-date progress of the project as well as a detailed timeline of the coming two weeks to the project coordinator. Based on the timeline, the coordinator can pay a visit to the project at any time, with or without prior notice. If the coordinator, after combining the reports and the outcomes of their visit(s), deems the project to have serious problems, they can suspend funding, and ask the Review Committee to examine the matter. The Review Committee can allow the project to proceed as before, modify the project as appropriate, or shut down the project altogether.

At the end of the project, a final report detailing the progression of the project and its results will be compiled by the project member(s) and submitted to the Review Committee. The mentor and the project coordinator will each send in an assessment of the project and the recipient. Based on the final report and the assessments, the Review Committee will decide on whether to designate the project as a VietAbroader Community Project, and issue a certificate to the project member(s) to that effect. In general, a project needs to meet at least 70% of its measurable goals to be considered accomplished. Reports will be posted on VietAbroader website for all to see and learn from.