Application Process

Application Process


The application package will contain:

  • Application Form: including basic personal and demographic information about the applicant; (Note: Individuals applying as a group are required to submit one application form each). Applicants will download the form as .docx, then fill in necessary information, save as .pdf and include it in the finished application package.
  • Project Proposal: a 2-page detailed proposal of the project:
    • describing the project’s goals and plans (who, what, where, how)
    • describing the project’s approach and/or solution to the issue addressed
    • including expected outcomes, prospects for future impact and sustainability plan
    • explaining briefly why this project aligns with the objective of the VACG;
    • describing the community partners the project will be working with
    • including the project’s detailed timeline from the preparation to execution phase
  • A detailed budget plan (on a separate sheet)
  • A detailed member list (on a separate sheet, including Name, Date of birth, School, Email, Mailing address, Phone number)
  • Recommendation Letter (optional) maximum 2 recommendation letters from a teacher or supervisor about the applicant.

ONLY IF WORKING IN A GROUP: A description of the group dynamic, explaining: the role of each member, what each person is contributing to the project, what specific tasks each person will be responsible for.

Applicants may use either English or Vietnamese to complete the Application package.

Applications are sent to [email protected]

The VietAbroader Community Grant Review Committee will review all proposals and will decide whether it’s necessary to conduct interviews with finalists. Projects will be evaluated on innovation, feasibility, potential for a lasting community impact and preparation of the applicant(s).