Community Grant 2014

VietAbroader Community Grant 2014


 VietAbroader Community Grant (VACG) is a program run by VietAbroader Organization.

The goal of the VietAbroader Community Grant (VACG) is to empower Vietnamese youth to play an active and meaningful role in the development of the country and to give them real opportunities to enact positive changes, contribute to the common good and, from that, develop their leadership and project management skills.

Managed by the VietAbroader Outreach Community Committee, grants of maximum US $1,000 will be awarded to maximum 2 projects in Ho Chi Minh and 2 projects in Ha Noi that seek to serve local communities in a concrete way. Last year, VACG granted $2800 in total to three projects named Chase Hanoi, ICHA Vietnam and Project G3, which which were all carried out successfully and created valuable experiences. Following this success, VACG continues to seek potential projects in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to grant the awards. In the initial phase of the project, applications were open only to VietAbroader Executive Board members, VietAbroader Clubs members and other individuals who have been involved with VietAbroader in past projects.

However, this year, the program welcomes all ideas from high school and university students that target towards developing the Vietnamese community. By providing not only financial support but also guidance and imparting the skills in organizing events, VACG hopes to ensure that the projects will work out efficiently and successfully to make positive changes to the Vietnamese youth community.