VietAbroader Club

To our dear High schoolers.

VietAbroader Club is a sub-organization run by VietAbroader. Its mission is to create opportunities for high school students to develop their academic and professional skills through participating in community services, internships and a series of workshops.


VietAbroader Club will focus on:

  • Sharing insider information and experience in the admission process with future applicants: Members of the clubs will be connected with dedicated VietAbroaders in U.S. colleges for help and advice during the admission process.
  • Developing important “soft skills”: Members will participate in debates, workshops and seminars to hone important skills such as public speaking and interpersonal communications.
  • Recruiting students to volunteer for VietAbroader’s programs.
  • Preparing students for standardized tests: VietAbroader Club organizes testing workshops for its members. Those workshops are taught by U.S. college students who have achieved high results in these.

Interested in volunteering for VA Club?

Volunteers play an important role in the success of VietAbroader’s project. VA Club is no exception. Everyone can apply to become a volunteer as long as you are responsible and committed.


Benefits of volunteering for VA Club:

  • Developing important soft skills
  • Potential leadership positions for other programs by VietAbroader
  • Potential internship positions with VietAbroader
  • Opportunities to join VietAbroader‘s future leadership team
  • Networking with other VietAbroaders studying and working in the U.S