Career Series 2015



Founded in 2004 with the mission to Empower Vietnamese youth, VietAbroader has been a leading student-run non-profit-organization in coaching generations of Vietnamese students to pursue higher education in United States. Our flagship Study-Abroad Conferences have selected more than 25,000 excellent participants in the past 10 years, and thanks to its continued success, we have become one of the largest networks of overseas students in North America as well as other continents.

After 10 years, the first generation of VietAbroader has matured and been heavily involved in both the local and international workforce. As globalization progresses, we realize both the challenges in the Vietnam labor market as well as the endless opportunities for our bright students.  As such, we have continuously expanded our activities to other fronts, including the Business and Career branch, which culminated in our first Career Conference in New York, USA in 2010. Four years later, we brought our conference home for the first time with VietAbroader Career Conference (VACC) 2014, attracting more than 6,000 interested individuals, selecting 250 qualified participants, inviting more than 30 profiled guest speakers across industries to coach and share their experiences.

VietAbroader Career Series 2015, consisting of VietAbroader Career Conference 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City and VietAbroader Career Talk 2015 in Hanoi, is going to carry on the legacy with advances, from a richer program content and a larger network of guest speakers, to more intimate interactions with speakers and greater number of top-notch and leading participating SME companies and big corporations.

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