Career Conference 2014



Following the successful VietAbroader Career Conference in 2010, VietAbroader Career Conference in 2010 (VACC) 2014 will continue to focus on a wide range of internship and job opportunities in Vietnam. VACC 2014 will focus on Vietnamese career market, which will greatly benefit local students and overseas students who desire to contribute back to their mother country. VACC aims to become the most looking-forward event of the year for college undergrads, as VietAbroader Study-Abroad Conference (VASAC) for high school students.

VietAbroader Career Conference 2014 will provide a venue for leading companies and organizations in Vietnam to share insights into their industries and to discuss career opportunities with high caliber students and young professionals. 


Our Mission

The mission of VietAbroader Career Conference 2014 is to assist Vietnamese college students (local and overseas) in their career orientation and job application. We aim to become the most trusted resource for our audience to reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams during their next biggest turning point in life – college graduation.

Thereby, our conference aims to arm our ambitious audience with the necessary skills and knowledge to start a smart career and contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Our Difference

VietAbroader Career Conference 2014 is different from existing career conference/fair in Vietnam in these following:

  • We target different needs of local and overseas students. For example: Local students need to hone their resume & critical thinking skills; while overseas students need to learn how to adjust back to the culture.
  • We provide trusted guidance resources (professionals working in different industries, alumni, mentorship, etc.)
  • We have a continuous series of activities and events to best equip our students for the Conference Day (VACC 2014), including webinar, workshops, mentorship, and networking events.