Regional Meetup Series

Why Regional Meetups

There have been an increasing number of Vietnamese undergraduate students each year seeking for jobs in the US or trying to decide on their future career path. However, as international students, there are often not enough resources offered by their school’s career services or many constraints on work authorization. Also, they often lack the unique insight from Vietnamese alumni who have successfully navigated through this job/internship seeking maze. Hence, we see the need for a networking event.


1. Provide students with valuable skills, experiences shared by Vietnamese professionals currently working in different fields in the US.

2. Create a professional network of students and alumni so as to facilitate the career decision made by Vietnamese undergraduate students in the US.


1. Build and maintain a network of Vietnamese alumni in different fields and industries in the US (database, Excel spreadsheet).

2. Link students with alumni currently working in their fields of interest (different themes for different events).

3. Create and maintain a medium for interaction between undergraduate students and alumni (networking events).

Past Meetups

  • First Regional Meetup in New York City:
    – Date: April 12th, 2014
    – Topics: Visa, Finance and Banking Industry


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