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VietAbroader Business Conference (VABC )

VietAbroader Business Conference (VABC) is the premier venue for networking, learning and exchanging ideas about doing business in Vietnam between students and business leaders. After receiving many positive feedbacks from both our guests and participants in our first conference in 2008, we decided to make VABC an annual event to serve as a connecting bridge between business leaders and college students as well as young professionals to discuss about career possibilities and economic outlooks in Vietnam.

VietAbroader Career Conference (VACC)

VietAbroader Organization
 is proud to introduce the VietAbroader Career Conference 2013 (“VACC 2013”). The conference will take place on Saturday and Sunday, January 19-20, 2013 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.

The grand success of the first career conference in 2010, together with the two prevailing trends, have motivated VietAbroader Organization to implement the project for the second time.  The presence of many international companies in Vietnam and the expansion of home-grown enterprises are creating greater demand for a dynamic and skilled labor force. In addition, many overseas Vietnamese, Vietnamese Americans, and foreigners are interested in learning more about career opportunities in Vietnam. Thus, VACC 2013 wishes to provide a venue for companies and organizations operating in Vietnam to discuss career and internship opportunities with students and young professionals.

Students and young professionals who participate in the conference will have a chance to meet representatives from many companies and organizations, who are more than willing to share experience and resources regarding opportunities in Vietnam. Certain companies will also review participants’ resumes and select qualified candidates for first-round interviews.