iLead Challenge 2016


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Founded in summer 2014, iLead, one of the youngest and most promising projects by VietAbroader, is an annual program to train and promote leadership for Vietnamese students. iLead plays a central role in the effort of expanding VietAbroader’s impact on the Vietnamese youths, who are seeking a more reliable and proactive platform to get involved in their community. At the same time, iLead inspires them to continue growing and contributing to the community.


  • iLead provides a professional environment to equip Vietnamese youths with essential knowledge about leadership to help them understand their passion, their advantages, and their disadvantages in order to be more confident and to go in the right direction.
  • iLead is an extensive forum that connects future leaders and stimulates them to develop their community. 



  • iLead 2014 is VietAbroader’s first leadership-training workshops for Vietnamese high school students. We organized leadership panels to motivate and deliver leadership skills.
  • iLead 2015 expanded the workshops’ contents to not only leadership skills but also to project management skills and leadership mindset.

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  • iLead Challenge 2016Continuing the success of previous years, iLead challenge 2016 changes its format to become a competition where participating teams will start with the same budget and compete to raise the most fund for a charitable cause. All donations will go to charity. Our goals this year are: 

    • Motivate and train participants on management skills through workshops and guidance.
    • Provide the opportunity to gain real experience by conducting a project.
    • Encourage projects to care more about other people in the society, especially underprivileged people.

We will take effort to Ignite Action, Inspire Change.