Seminars/Talk Show


YOFO 2016 will present to campers a number of academic and social aspects in form of an interactive talk show.


Focusing on two social issues that are approached differently in Vietnam and in the U.S, the panel discussions on Gender Diversity (specific topic to be updated) and Racism Against Asians with the participation of inspirational and diverse guest speakers will raise campers’ awareness of such problem and aid in reducing the level of culture shock in first year of college.

1. Gender Diversity
(This section will be updated soon)
2. Racism Against Asians
(This section will be updated soon)


Addressing both academic and social matters, while answering some typical questions such as “What are some of the tools to use for time management in college?”, “What is your most unforgettable experience about culture shock?”, or “Have you ever been sexiled or have you ever sexile anyone?” A series of interactive activities such as Family Feud, Whisper Challenge, and Charades will be conducted to present these information in a more exciting way, followed by reflection and experience sharing from facilitators and/ or any participant.

This section will be updated soon.