You’re Only Freshman Once 2016


VietAbroader is a student-run, non-profit organization that aims to empower Vietnamese youth to achieve their fullest potential and build a strong community for mutual exchange and support.


One of VietAbroader‘s Big Four, besides VASAC, VACC and iLead, You’re Only Freshmen Once (YOFO) is an orientative summer camp for incoming Vietnamese freshmen into colleges in the United States.


YOFO 2016 aims to equip incoming freshmen with the necessary skills to thrive for academic achievements and social integration in their college life journey in the United States.


YOFO 2016 has 4 main objectives which are:

  • Orientation: Present to campers the educational differences and a clearer orientation to determine their academic majors
  • Adaptation: Address the cultural differences and provide guidance that will help campers quickly adapt to the new environment
  • Integration: Focus on the theme of integration without assimilation to strengthen their Vietnamese identity
  • Connection: Develop a tight connection and friendship between study-abroad students during and after camp

30-36 campers in each city (HN & HCMC)

Each YOFO camper has different personality and academic and social interests. However, all of them are excited to find out about what lives in the U.S. are like and how to prepare for the change.


9-10 facilitators in each city (HN & HCMC)

YOFO facilitators are students majoring in a variety of majors with high academic achievements at top colleges across the U.S. All of them come to YOFO with the same goal to pass on their knowledge and experience and to give campers advice on how to succeed academically and socially in the States.



Following the success of YOFO 2015, this year our camp will also consist of activities such as Model Class, The Amazing Race, Group Discussions, and Camp Fire. Additionally, in order to further equip campers with necessary knowledge and skills for their college life in the U.S, YOFO 2016 presents some new activities including more sessions added to Model Class, Seminars/Talk Shows, and Skits.  

Date and Location

 Ha Noi: 27/7 – 29/7 at Song Hong Resort, Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc.

HCMC: 28/7 – 30/7 at Phuong Nam Resort, Vinh Phu, Can Gio.