What’s New?

What's New?

Press Conference 2014 in Hanoi
Press Conference 2014 in Hanoi



1. This year, VASAC’14 in Hanoi will not only provide basic information of application process but also help students answer questions: “Why study in US?“How will the US undergraduate education affects your life?” With this goal, VASAC’14 in Hanoi helps students understand the opportunities, pros and cons which US undergraduate education has to offer; thus orienting their choices to study in US.

2. Rotational Rooms’ Contents

This year conference’s three rotational room will be: Essay Room, Experience Sharing Room and College Life Room.

2.1 College Life Room: This is the first time to open the College Life Room.

    • Purposes: Participants could envision how US college life will be and the differences in culture that needs preparing right in the application process.
    • Content: Academic Life , Social Life, Expectation vs Reality, Majors and career preparation, Reading/writing and critical thinking skills that needs to prepare since high school.
    • Format: Panel with three panelists.

2.2      Essay Room

    • Purposes: Instead of just introducing the criteria of a good essay, we would provide participants with steps to write an essay and how to brainstorm ideas.
    • Format: After the overall presentation and personal experience sharing of guest speakers, discussion leaders help participants brainstorm the ideas on a real essay topic
    • “Some students have a background story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. f this sounds like you, then please share your story.”

2.3  Experience Sharing Room

    • Content: Provide students with information of application process and school selection process.
    • Format: Discussion Leader will discuss with participants through a list of questions.

3. Post College Life

This year conference will help widen students’ and parents’ views about choices after college; thus help to link how college life will affect your life later on. This room is conducted in a panel with panelists who has successfully graduated from US colleges and has a lot of experience about career paths. Panelists’ experience and background are diverse so it will bring students and parents broader views about choices after college.

4. Afternoon Workshop

Beside High School/Gap year/Community College Info Session, this year Conference will open 2 workshops on Extracurricular Activities and Personal Statement Review. In the Personal Statement Review Workshop, participants will personally receive feedback on their essays from the guest speakers.



Press Conference 2014 in HCMC
Press Conference 2014 in HCMC



1. Workshop for parents

  • Format: Panel Discussion ( 2 parents and 2 college students. 1 parent has two children, one of them studies abroad and the other one studies in Vietnam. The other parents has experiences in supporting her children in his college application process)
  • Content
    • Basic information on US Education system (high schools and colleges)- 10 min
    • School life (pros and cons)- 10 min
    • Who should study abroad and when – 10 min
    • How to support their children in their application process and their life abroad – 10 min
    • Visa Application (Education USA’ Speech) + Q& A – 20 min

2. Study Abroad? (Pentagon)

  • Format: 4 -row pentagon (75 students)
    • Row 1: 3 students per side
    • Row 2: 4 students per side
    • Row 3: 3 students per side + 1 GS. (GS sits in R3)
    • Row 4: 5 students per side
  • Content and Flow: 5 Guest Speakers (GS) with diverse background (3 study abroad, 1 studies in Vietnam, and 1 experiences two education systems and college life) will share their experiences and stories.
    • Pros of studying abroard
    • Obstacles when studying abroad and failure to find himself in his time studying abroad
    • rientation/ objectives prior to college?
    • There is no right answer for the question “Study Abroad?”. It doesn’t matter where you spend your college life. However, you do need to know who you are and what you want in order to make the decision.3. School Selection (Practicing-skill game, group discussion
  • Format: Group discussion with guest speaker, 2 Guest speakers per grou
  • Structure and content: School Matching Game
    • Pre-Conference Day:
      • 2 stats (GPA, SAT scores, etc and preferences in order) and a list of around 30 schools will be made up by Program Team, and delivered to all Discussion Leaders as well as participants prior to C-Day
      • Participants will have a homework assignment, which is researching about these schools and discuss with their group and Leader Discussion to match 15 schools among these 30 into 3 groups (reach, match, and safety)
    • Conference Day:
      • Each group will be informed of guidelines and criterias on how to make a suitable school list.
      • Participants will have around 10 min to present their school list
      • GS’ll ask for the difference and give comment, and finalize tips on school selection. The winner gift is a souvenir of VASAC’14.
      • Attendees then will have chance to reflect on how to make their school list on their own, leading to a conclusion of how to choose schools that fit them the best

4. Essay Analysis: Smaller mentor-mentee ratio.

5. Group division

In order to facilitate stronger bond between participants and smooth out the room rotation process, we split 225 participants into groups of 15 (15 groups), guided by a leader, who is studying in the US or got accepted into college.

6. VA Confession

  • Format: Talk Show
  • Content:   
    • What should we do after graduating.
    • Q & A
    • There are different paths after you graduate, so you need to be aware of who you are and what you want in order to prepare for that stage.