Career Conference (HCMC)


Prepare for the Possibilities

VACC 2015 has carried on the legacy with advances, from a richer program content and a larger network of guest speakers, to more intimate interactions with speakers and a greater number of top-notch and leading participating SME companies and big corporations. VACC 2015 not only informed young people about these opportunities but also inspired them to take courage to pursue unconventional and unique career paths.

Key messages of 2015:

Go beyond ones’ comfort zone
Challenge conventional wisdom
Prepare for the possibilities.

What is unique about VACC 2015?

  •    Target different needs of both local and overseas students
    For example: Local students need to hone their resume & critical thinking skills, while overseas students need to learn how to adjust back to the culture and be informed about local job market.
  •    Provide trusted guidance resources across a wide range of industries
    Professionals working in different industries, alumni, mentorship, etc.
  •    Offer broader perspectives of different career path and various industries.
    For example: Management Trainee is one of the most competitive and rewarding experience for fresh graduates entering their career upon graduation.
  •    Organize continuous series of activities and events to best equip our participants
    Including Webinars, Online training sessions, Inspirational Workshop, Career Fair, etc.