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Important changes regarding VietAbroader leadership


VIETABROADER.ORG | VietAbroader is pleased to announce several important changes in leadership, including membership of the Board of Directors and Presidency.


After 10 years of dedication, Ms. Phuong Vuong will resign from the Board of Directors. VietAbroader is tremendously thankful for Phuong’s contribution to our development. As a co-chair of VietAbroader Conference 2006, Phuong brought considerable innovation to the program by organizing the first ever VietAbroader College Fair which has become a hallmark of all VietAbroader conferences. Serving as Co-President and member of the Board of Directors for the last 8 years, Phuong has played an essential role in shaping VietAbroader’s strategies and coaching generations of Co-Presidents. We will surely miss Phuong’s critical insights, forward thinking, and decisiveness. Although Phuong is leaving the Board, we are sure she will continue to be a close friend and supporter of VietAbroader. We wish Phuong the very best in all her endeavors.

Mr. Le Ba Nam Anh and Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong will remain on The Board.

At the same time, we are honored to welcome two new members of the Board of Directors:



Mr. Nam Nguyen (Nguyen Phan Nam) – Senior Counsel, Vinataba Philip Morris

Awarded the Fulbright scholarship, Nam earned the Master of Laws (LLMANam) degree from the Duke University School of Law. As the senior counsel of Vinataba Phillip Morris, he is in charge of all legal matters relating to operations of Philip Morris in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Before joining Philip Morris, Nam was a senior associate at Allen Linklaters and specialized in foreign investment, mergers & acquisition (M&A), and employment issues. A long-time supporter of VietAbroader, Nam will bring his expertise, passion and experience to our organization, oversee legal aspects and enhance organizational structure for the next development of VietAbroader.




Mr. Linh Nghiem (Nghiem Hoang Linh) – Southern Methodist University, Texas, USA

Graduate Fellowship Student PortraitsAs the Co-President of VietAbroader in 2014-2015, Linh led the transformation of the organization during the past two years. Under his co-presidency, VietAbroader has undertaken expansion in the scope of services to the Vietnamese youth with new successful programs in all three areas: Study Abroad, Business/Career, and Youth Development. In addition, he was dedicated to refining the organizational structure and solidifying the culture across the entire organization. Joining Board of Directors, Linh hopes to mentor coming generations of VietAbroader in establishing strategies for VietAbroader in the next years.

Currently, Linh is a Ph.D. candidate in Statistics in the Southern Methodist University, Texas, US.




The new year of 2016 also marks the beginning of the new VietAbroader‘s Executive Team. We want to thank Thu Pham and Linh Nghiem, and the past Executive Team for their 2 years of great work, and we are excited to see the new leadership team bring the next great success of VietAbroader.

The new leadership team will be led by the new President of VietAbroader, Ms. Thy TM Nguyen (Nguyen Thi Mai Thy)

Thy TM Nguyen

One of 28 Founding Class students at Minerva Schools, double majoring in Computer Science and Business, Thy is passionate about entrepreneurship and youth development & networks in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and around the world. Since high school, she has been involved in many organizations, namely, Initiative of Changes, AIESEC, VietAbroader, and Viet Youth Entrepreneurship. Thy loves meeting new people, learning new things, and tackling new challenges as well as traveling and hiking.

Thy has been involved with VietAbroader in many projects and positions over the past 5 years, including

  • VietAbroader Club 2011: Member of Debate Team
  • VietAbroader Study-Abroad Conference 2012: Logistics Assistant Manager, Treasurer + Accountant
  • VietAbroader Study-Abroad Conference 2013: Fundraising Assistant Manager
  • VietAbroader Executive Team 2014: Associate of Partners & Sponsors
  • VietAbroader Executive Team 2015: Head of Funding & SAR Development Advisor  

We trust that Thy will lead the new Executive team effectively to improve the quality of our services as well as to implement new initiatives, continuing the grand mission of VietAbroader: Empower Vietnamese Youth. Want to join them and fulfill that mission? Stay tuned for the recruitment that will be announced shortly!